Casa Munoa Jeweller’s has its own workshop on its own premises in San Sebastián, where all the necessary work to produce any piece of jewellery is done.

This matters because it ensures that at all times during the production process, the piece of jewellery is under the control of our team of professionals, it does not leave our premises during any phase of the work.

Commissioned bespoke new pieces to suit the taste of our customers
Repairs and restoration of jewellery
We turn jewellery you no longer use into contemporary models
We take care of your jewellery
We carry out the design, casting, shape, preparation of gems, setting, polishing and engraving in our workshops with exquisite loving care. In each job, we seek the perfection and amazement that a piece of jewellery must transmit.

All this is possible thanks to a meticulous combination of experience, tradition, interest, research, modernity, constancy and the pleasure of a well-done job.