Claudio Munoa
Currently, the person at the helm of the Jeweller’s is me, Claudio Munoa.

I’ve been passionate about jewellery since I was very young, and in the 1990s I began my academic training as a designer and jeweller.

I studied design at the MASANA school in Barcelona. Later, I participated in some specialised drawing and design courses given by highly prestigious international teachers. I spent several years in different jewellery workshops. In addition to all this, there is the wisdom and knowledge that my father, Rafael Munoa, gave me over the years and which provided me with the chance to have a wide knowledge of jewels and jewellery, from the materials to the final product: the Piece of Jewellery itself.

Thus, Casa Munoa Jeweller’s can offer the public designs perfectly in tune with all kinds of budgets and to suit all kinds of tastes, from the most classical to the most contemporary, but above all and in the first place, maintaining the quality and expertise of our workshop, giving our clientele total satisfaction.