Casa Munoa
We have been goldsmiths at Casa Munoa Jeweller’s since 1935. We design, produce and sell our own jewellery.

We also have a wide variety of antique and vintage jewellery and decorative objects.

We have our own workshop in the shop itself, where we give shape to our creations:

· Commissioned bespoke new pieces to suit the taste of our customers.
· Repairs and restoration of jewellery.
· Updating of antique jewels based on contemporary models.
· At Casa Munoa, we also offer other services, such as valuation of jewellery for insurance purposes, distribution of inheritance, testamentary deeds, etc.

Rafael Munoa
Born 8 May 1930 and passed away 10 May 2012.

Draughtsman, Researcher, Jeweller.

He was awarded a diploma in Optics in 1957, was named gemologist by the Instituto Gemológico Español in 1972, Chair of Iberjoya in 1992 and a great jewellery designer full of imagination, international historical and stylistic references and an exquisite drawing ability, revealing a deep knowledge of his profession combined with taste adapted to the times and surroundings.